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Total Eclipse 2017: 10 Fun Facts About the Solar Eclipse and Where to see Totality in North Carolina

Total Eclipse 2017: 10 Fun Facts About the Solar Eclipse and Where to see Totality in North Carolina

On August 21st the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina. Bear Lake Reserve is in the “path of totality” for the big event!

Our cabins are fully booked for the event but we do have a few primitive camps sites still available. Contact a team representative to reserve your campsite before they all fill up!

10 Fun Facts About This Solar Eclipse

  1. Anyone inside the path of Totality will get to see the moon appear to completely cover the sun  – weather permitting.
  2. This will be the first eclipse to exclusively cross the nation, from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, since June 8, 1918.
  3. It’s the first complete solar eclipse that will be visible from the contiguous United States since 1979.
  4. The path of totality is a 65-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina (passing right over Bear Lake Reserve)
  5. The next solar eclipse to cross a similar path across the United States will occur on Aug. 12, 2045
  6. It takes three celestial bodies — the sun, moon and Earth, all on their own orbital paths — to line up in the exact way at the right time to create an eclipse.
  7. The eclipse will start at approximately 11:35am on August 21.
  8. If you are in a spot where you can see it, the total eclipse will last between one and three minutes depending on your location.
  9. NASA map says it will happen around 2:36 at Bear Lake Reserve. We will see anywhere from 2 mins to 2 mins and 30 seconds of totality. Check out the North Carolina Totality map here
  10. You will need a pair of solar viewing glasses to safely watch the total eclipse. They will be available at our Solar Fest


Nasa & Today


Solar Eclipse Weekend Highlights at Bear Lake Reserve

We’ve heard rumors that a town out West has been waiting and planning for the Solar Eclipse for the last 10 years!

We haven’t been planning for quite 10 years, but we put a lot of thought into our planning to make sure that your solar eclipse weekend at Bear Lake Reserve in Western North Carolina is phenomenal.

Our weekly programming will be available all weekend long. If you’re on property there will be hikes, kayak adventures, tennis clinics and an ice cream social that you can participate in.

Some special events planned for the Solar eclipse are a Friday Night Magic Show on the Point, a Saturday Night Concert and Cookout at The Golden Farm Amphitheater, A Sunday Golf Tournament as well as a Sunday morning coffee and taste bar, and the grand finale being our Solar Fest at The Overlook on Monday, August 21st!

Concert Cookout

Concert at the Golden Farm Amphitheater

Join us for The 19th Hole Golf Tournament on Sunday August 20th

Check out the weekend details in the flyer below. To RSVP to any of the activities contact


Monday August 21st | BLR Solar Fest

The Solar Fest will be held at The Overlook for 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Totality will occur around 2:30 -according to Nasa. The Overlook boast some of the most incredible unspoiled mountain views in Western North Carolina. Its the perfect place to listen to live music, eat delicious food and experience this phenomenon!

There will be BLR Totality shirts for sale, as well as solar viewing glasses.

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