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Nicklaus Golf

Golf in a Setting Befitting Its Greatest Champion

It is rumored that when the Nicklaus team first arrived on-site (via the only means available at the time, helicopter) they asked two questions. First, “Do we really get to build a course here?” And second, “How in the heck are we going to do it?” Well, the answer to the first was yes, and it seems they perfectly figured out the second.

The nine-hole, par-29 Bear Lake Golf Club is a diverse collection of strategically-designed holes which traverse the summit of Bear Lake Reserve. Views abound in every direction, so much so that it can be hard to focus on the next shot (an unavailable luxury since each hole is incredibly demanding).

For those who may see nine holes as a compromise, we welcome to you experience Bear Lake Golf Club and see if the Golden Bear’s team is able to change your mind.

As an owner in Bear Lake Reserve, access to Bear Lake Golf Club is complimentary. Cart fees are not included.


In addition to our own private Nicklaus Design® 9-hole golf course, Jackson County offers a superb selection of classic mountain golf courses that are both challenging and scenic. These courses host thousands of golfers each year. From Cashiers’ world-renowned courses in the south to the picturesque Smoky Mountain Country Club in the county’s north end, the area is replete with one-of-a-kind mountain golf in a variety of awe-inspiring settings. Jackson County boasts six premier public access courses, while the nearby Waynesville Country Club features 27 holes framed by blue-green mountains.