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Downtown Sylva rolls out the Red Carpet

What was once the downtown streets of Sylva, NC, are now the streets to a Hollywood backlot. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, a movie that is set to be released sometime in 2017 is being filmed in Downtown on W Main St. Film crews, A-list celebrities, and extras from our very own Jackson county are taking stage in downtown.

The movie is set in Ebbing, Missouri (a fictional town) and is about a Mother whose child has been murdered, and the story behind her fight against the racially charged police that corrupt her hometown. The film stars Academy Award winning actor Woody Harrelson, who is best known for his roles in “The Hunger Games” Saga, and Frances McDormand, who is noted for her role in the 1996 film, “Fargo”.

The film isn’t set to be released in theaters until mid 2017, but the hustle and bustle of Hollywood has BLR Residents, and Sylva residents alike excited about what this movie set will bring to town. Bear Lake Reserve is excited about all the movie will bring to our area. It’s not every summer we have A-list celebrities in the region for a cocktail, or dinner reservation. The new hustle and bustle of the area is sure to create an exciting summer for sure. With Bear Lake Reserve members hoping to grab an autograph while out for lunch in Sylva. Of course our activities department is working alongside our Marketing Team to bring this movie to YOU. Expect a big showing of the local production to hit the Bear Lake Lawn as soon as possible.