The Cozy Cottage

By Bear Lake Staff / November 15, 2013

Have you ever wanted a real-life fairy tale?  Imagine travelling through the rolling mountains of Tuckasegee, and just when you think the views can’t get any more beautiful you turn into Bear Lake Reserve!  Past the wooden gate and to the left you will find Woodland Court, and a beautiful gem awaits you there.


Pretty as a picture and cozy as can be, this stunning cottage could be the first step to living out your fairy tale.  Warmth and luxury surrounds you when you walk through the front door and explore your beautiful mountain cottage for the first time!

IMG_6282 IMG_6280 IMG_6284

IMG_6272 IMG_6276 IMG_6278

IMG_6285 IMG_6287 IMG_6289IMG_6294 IMG_6298

IMG_6299 IMG_6300

When was the last time you opened your porch doors to hear the babbling brook lulling you into a daydream?  How about the last time you sat on your porch with wonderful friends and listened to music in the middle of nature?  You can have your dream – it all starts at Bear Lake Reserve.

For more information about this cottage or other properties available in Bear Lake Reserve contact Marc Wilson at 828.293.0770.

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