Tastes Like Pink Lemonade!

By Bear Lake Staff / August 20, 2013

The trees, bushes, and plants are all blossoming boastfully at Bear Lake Reserve!  How much do you know about these beautiful plants?  Did you know some of the plants have berries that taste like Pink Lemonade?  We have wracked the brain of Adam Forand, Activities Team Member at Bear Lake Reserve, to find out what exactly it is we have in our back yards!

Let’s start off with Dog Hobble (yep- that’s right, Dog Hobble!)  This shrub is a native Evergreen Shrub that is found along creek beds and other moist, shady areas.  It grows in rolling thickets and can be identified by it’s serrated edges and white bell-like flowers. 


So how did the name Dog Hobble come around?  Bear Hunters!  Bears can barrel right through the thickets, but the hunting dogs following behind often became entangled in the thick shrubbery, hence the name Dog Hobble.

Next up we have Striped Wintergreen!  Scientifically known as Chimaphila Macualta and locally known as “Pipsissewa”, the leaves can be boiled to make tea for treatment of infections and to reduce fevers.  This plant can be easily identified by it’s mid-vein as well as the reddish stems they are known to have.  Keep an eye out for this plant on your way to the Marina at Bear Lake Reserve, or in any Pine Tree clusters!

How about the Sumac you haven’t heard of, Smooth Sumac!  This one is sure to be a favorite of yours, Bear Lakers.  A deciduous plant (meaning a plant that sheds it’s leaves) that is native to this area, Smooth Sumac has a sweet secret in it’s blossoms!  These shrubs can read 10-20 feet tall, and their beautiful red clusters of berries taste wonderful!  The berry juice can be squeezed directly from the berry or they can be soaked in a jar of water; they are high in Vitamin-C and taste dangerously close to Pink Lemonade.  YUM!



So Bear Lakers, now you are equipped with some fun new knowledge while out on your adventures!  Have you seen plants around that you have been curious about?  Let us know in the comments below or send us an email to bearlakereserve2013@gmail.com!  Always remember to be safe and sure before ingesting any wild plants.


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