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Thankful for Time at Bear Lake Reserve

By Bear Lake Staff / November 24, 2014

Content & Photos contributed by Diane Genaro White, Bear Lake Reserve Homeowner. This will be our first Thanksgiving at Bear Lake Reserve and we are so excited about spending time there so that we can slow down the pace and

Food to Fall For!

By Bear Lake Staff / September 12, 2014

Blog content & photos contributed by Diane Genaro White. As touches of Fall colors start to appear at BLR I had the pleasure to once again to talk with our Chef Danny, who is no doubt the heart of The

Decisions, decisions!

By Bear Lake Staff / May 26, 2014

The author of this blog is Diane Genaro White, a homeowner at Bear Lake Reserve.  All copy and photos are contributed by our author. They say that “Life is full of choices” and no better place than Bear Lake Reserve