Welcome to Spring 2015!

By Bear Lake Staff / April 15, 2015

Hi, Bear Lakers!

We have had a very busy start to Spring 2015 here at Bear Lake Reserve!  After a whirlwind of a winter that seemed to melt away quickly after our two little snow spells, the Sales and Marketing, Hospitality, and Management Teams have been eager to get outside and get creative in gearing up for the upcoming season, and we are eager to let you in on some of our Sales and Marketing activity from the month March.  We also want to extend our deep thanks to owners for their presence and support during our offsite events in sunny Florida!

The first leg of our Marketing efforts in Florida pertained to designing the right Direct Mail piece.  We dropped 77,000 high-resolution, glossy mail pieces to prospective owners all over the state of Florida, first concentrating on the areas of our offsite shows – Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale.


See our Direct Mail piece here!

We fielded a heavy call flow for three full weeks during the month of March and heard responses like, “This was the best mail piece we have ever seen,” “We couldn’t stop looking at it!,” and “We decided to call because the pictures were just so beautiful!”

Our Direct Mail piece and our offsite shows in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida are proving to be successful Marketing efforts, measurable by the number of families who have already reserved their 2015 Discovery Package stays.  We had FIVE TIMES as many reservations by March 31 as we did entering the month and are gearing up for a full April – October!

beach florida food florida pelicans

Food and fun in Sunny Florida!

As with anything we do as a Sales and Marketing Team, our offsite show presence would have meant little without our owners.  While we worked tirelessly to craft the right presentation to show our guests just why almost 200 families have already chosen to get involved at Bear Lake Reserve, our owners really tell the whole story.

Special thanks to Joe and Cathy Bilotti and Patrick and Rachelle Franklin, who spoke in Boca Raton about how they have had the opportunity to live among their neighbors, experience nature as a family, and have lots of fun watching their children grow up together and spending time with great friends in the mountains and on the lake.  Thank you to Marc and Lorraine Levine who introduced themselves in Boca Raton as, “Here to support Ciro!”  Thank you to Mike Guttman and Barbara Gray for spending time with us in Fort Lauderdale, bragging on our employees and sharing how much they care about our community and how they sincerely feel cared about when they are with us.  Special thanks to Dale Bruschi who spoke to prospective owners in Fort Lauderdale about relaxation, recreation,  and ease of life both travelling to and at Bear Lake Reserve and stayed after our presentation to speak with our Team, sharing excellent ideas for events and special touches for owners that we can implement in 2015.  Thank you to Dick and Betty Anne Beaver for showing their support in Fort Lauderdale by illustrating the invaluable opportunity they have had at Bear Lake Reserve to come together as a family, with some family members literally having tears each time their visit to Bear Lake comes to an end!

The pent-up demand for great floor plans was evident throughout the month of March as people began to see for the first time our NEW Saddlenotch Villa and Lakeside Cottage collateral, designed by Wright Design.  We released these designs for the first time during our off-site shows in Florida, and we look forward to sharing them with you in the coming months!

For more information on our new Saddlenotch Villas and Lakeside Cottages, contact us at sales@bearlakereserve.com or 888.535.2790!

For more information about Real Estate opportunities or our Discovery Package, visit www.bearlakereserve.com.