Our Cullowhee Falls Adventure

By Bear Lake Staff / November 11, 2013

Hey, Bear Lakers – it’s Katie here!

This weekend was filled with fun adventures for Drew & myself – and the best part was our hike to Cullowhee Falls (that’s what the local crowd calls it – it’s correct name is High Falls)!  If you have never been, I highly encourage this fairly easy & pet friendly hike.  It was about a 2 hour hike total, but we spent plenty of time goofing off with Ellie Mae (Drew’s dog), taking pictures of the waterfalls, and enjoying the beautiful views nature provided us.  This hike could easily be completed in about an hour and 15 minutes – but I highly recommend allotting some play-time.

To access High Falls/Cullowhee Falls, travel down HWY 107 towards Cashiers, NC for about 10 miles.  Take a right onto Shoal Creek Mountain Road, and park just past the red gate (on the right).  Do not worry if the gate is shut or locked, there are signs posted welcoming hikers.  Start hiking the gravel road & it leads you directly to the trail!  Keep a close eye out, Bear Lakers – there are plenty of treasures to be found!


IMG_5301Matt's Picture 2Matt's Picture 1


Adding to the excitement of the waterfall is a Geocaching Location.  Geocaching is a real-life outdoor treasure hunt that uses coordinates to find specific treasures hidden by recreational enthusiasts like us!  When you find the treasure, sign the log book and put the treasure back in it’s location.  You may take the geocached item with you only if you replace it with something of equal or greater value; how cool is that?  Remember that finding geocached items typically requires a compass, so bring one along!  Check out www.geocaching.com for more information.

A special thanks goes out to those who contributed photos & information to this blog: Drew Smith, Holly Setzer, Matt Nicholson, and Mike Whitmer!

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