Make Your Own Story

By Bear Lake Staff / August 28, 2013


Nestled in the heart of the Bear Lake Reserve Community and past the Lake Club you will find beautiful Mountain Lodge Condos sitting picture perfect above the waters of Bear Creek Lake.  Imagine sitting on your back porch, sipping your sweet-tea, and hearing the low buzz of a boat on the waters of Bear Creek Lake.  Your feet are propped up and the music is playing from the living room while the porch door is open so you have a cool mountain-breeze flowing through your Mountain Lodge.  This is the life!

Later on you get that rumble in your stomach and decide to take a trip down to the Lake Club.  Do you drive or take a short walk?  That beautiful sunset is calling your name, so you grab a jacket and begin that walk over to the Club to see what wonderful creation Chef Danny is enticing the crowd with that night. 


Walking into the Lake Club elevates you to the next level of relaxation, your server greets you by name as you make your way to the table on the balcony, it’s your favorite because you can hear the laughter and splashes coming from the pool below.  Tonight you can hear the melodic strumming of an acoustic guitarist playing below on the beach.  All is well in the world!  Your server brings you your usual drink and you each exchange your adventures from the day, another beautiful day at Bear Lake Reserve coming to nightfall.

Belly full and body content, you are at a wonderful peace as you leave for the evening.  You bid good night to your friends and Bear Lake family eating at tables surrounding you, and give a wave to Joey, the Club Manager, as you head out the door.  What a peaceful evening.

You always make sure to look around you as you make your way back to your home for the night.  Tonight, you see some Poults heading through the trees after their mom, and a red newt perched on a rock just by the road!  How beautiful the nature is at Bear Lake Reserve.  Hearing the crunch of leaves reminds you of the bear cub you saw from your window recently, and you smile as you continue to your Mountain Lodge. 


Evenings like this are a gift, and that’s why we are offering them to you.  Become a Bear Laker and create your own stories!  Right now we are offering phenomenal incentives on our Mountain Lodges.  Give our Sales Team a call to find out how to start your journey with Bear Lake Reserve!

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Photo of Lake Club and Photos of Mountain Lodges Courtesy of Jerry Jaynes.

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