Katie Setzer and The Whites Re-Connect in Charleston, SC!

By Bear Lake Staff / April 15, 2015

Thank you to homeowner Diane Genaro White for this blog submission!

One of the things at makes the experience at BLR special is the friendships that are developed with other BLR homeowners and the staff.

There is a real sense of community, and shared values along with a love of nature.

Happily, those friendships can continue even when someone re-locates, as in the case of Katie Setzer, former marketing director for BLR.

Reconnecting with Katie Setzer in Charleston, SC! Reconnecting with Katie Setzer in Charleston, SC!

When Charlie and I heard that Katie was leaving we, along with many other Bear Lakers were so sad, but we quickly realized that we already had a trip to Charleston, SC planned, and were delighted to set up a time to see Katie in her new environment!

Katie’s passion for fashion and marketing has led her to a position at Copper Penny, a boutique on Charleston’s famous shopping street, King.

katie with manican katie outside copper penny

We were delighted to also have dinner with Katie, and her boyfriend, Drew, at Fleet Landing, a great location to sit at the end of a pier and watch the dolphins play.

drew and katie and the whites

Both Katie and Drew are excited about living in Charleston, with all it has to offer, but there is no doubt that the ties from BLR are still strong!!!