It’s Beautiful At Bear Lake Reserve

By Bear Lake Staff / May 15, 2014

The author of this blog is Diane Genaro White, a homeowner at Bear Lake Reserve.  All copy and photos are contributed by our author.

Are you reading this blog while in your office, or at home taking care of all the things that you “must get done”?  Or did you just come back from driving the children here and there?  Perhaps you are just taking a moment to daydream… “What is it like at Bear Lake Reserve?”

The answer: BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, Bear Creek Lake is beautiful, AND there is a new rock bar being completed on the pool deck that overlooks the lake!

photo 1

Yes, there is a red canoe waiting for you to take you to a peaceful place on the lake.

photo 2

Yes, the Lake Club is beautiful from any angle!

photo 3

Yes, the rhododendron are in bloom & the hostas bigger than ever – and absolutely beautiful!

photo 4


This blog was contributed by Diane White, a Bear Lake Reserve Homeowner.  All photos are compliments of Mrs. White as well.

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