Food to Fall For!

By Bear Lake Staff / September 12, 2014

Blog content & photos contributed by Diane Genaro White.

As touches of Fall colors start to appear at BLR I had the pleasure to once again to talk with our Chef Danny, who is no doubt the heart of The Lake Club, with his passion for creating a delicious menu for us to enjoy in any season!  Danny’s inspirations for a Fall Menu are cool weather, which invites a cozy atmosphere, romance and hugs, sweaters and Fall leaves.

With this in mind, he has created a special dish in honor of is daughter, Autumn.  Called “Autumn in Huntington”,  this Fall salad includes field greens, strawberries, cranberries, candied walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese, cucumber, red onions, croutons and fat free vinaigrette.  Perhaps this will inspire you to create something similar at home?

If you like something more hearty, Danny can prepare Prime Rib for many (see photos accompanying this post).  Just give him some notice!

If you are a homeowner at BLR, you will want to mark your calendar for the Annual Homeowners Meeting on Saturday, October 18, and if you are an amateur detective, you will want to sign up for the Murder Mystery Dinner: Crime and PUNishment.  Chef Danny has worked on a special menu for the evening, which will have some surprises of its own!

So sit back and enjoy as Summer eases into Fall and look forward to the cool mornings and brisk afternoons, and perhaps a fire in the fireplace while you take in the beautiful colors surrounding Bear Lake Reserve.  It’s a special time to share with your family and friends!


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