Bear Lakers, it’s Labor Day Weekend!

By Bear Lake Staff / August 30, 2013

If you are ready for music, relaxation, laughter, fabulous food and new incentives then you are ready for Labor Day Weekend at Bear Lake Reserve!  Bear Lakers, we have a great weekend planned ahead for you and we don’t want you to miss anything.  Pay close attention, we’ll give you the inside scoop below!

Labor Day Poster

Let’s start with Saturday – we have a FUN day ahead with activities for the whole family to enjoy.  First up?  Our HOA Builder’s Showcase!  Come hang out with us at the Lake Club Library and meet with the fabulous builders in the Bear Lake Reserve Custom Home Program.  Check them out ahead of time!




This is also prime time to take advantage of our Summer Incentives – check them out today and be ready for tomorrow!  Deadline is August 31st, 2013 – act now and don’t miss out!

  • 15% Savings off of the listed price
  • Waived Club Initiation Fee
  • One Year HOA Dues Paid by the Developer
  • One Year of Club Dues Paid by the Developer
  • 10 Rounds of Golf at Bear Lake Reserve
  • 10 Nights in a Bear Lake Reserve Mountain Lodge

*Inside information – Chef Danny will have an outstanding omelet spread for those in attendance, event starts at 10AM!

From 12PM-2PM we will be having a Rock Skipping Competition as well as a Tetherball Tournament at the Lake Club Beach!  Skipping rocks is something every kid loves to learn – and this is the perfect time!  The waters of Bear Creek Lake are as smooth as ever, so come on and show off your skills.

*Inside information – Lake shores are a prime location for skipping rocks.  Pick a rock that will be immune to breezes and turbulence.  A little weight to your rock is a good thing!

Retropolis, an 80s synthesizer band will be here entertaining that child of the 80s you can’t get out of your mind!  Be at the Lake Club Pool at 3PM to hear these guys.

Retropolis Movie Poster 2

*Inside information – If you like music by Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, The Police, Gary Numan, The Talking Heads, Journey, or Pink Floyd – then this is the band to see!

Now, Bear Lakers, you know we are going to finish the day off in a special way!  We hope that you will join us for a Low Country Boil at the Lake Club.  Chef Danny will impress us all as always, we have no doubts!

*Inside information – The Low Country Boil will be accompanied by an Acoustic Guitarist, so come on out and listen in.

I hope you didn’t think we were done there; there is a lot more where that came from!  Sunday brings in a whole new day of excitement, starting off with a band that is well known around Bear Lake Reserve –

Deuces Wild

Performing today’s Country and Rock hits – they were a hit with us during July 4th weekend!  Playing at the Lake Club pool from 1-4PM.

*Inside information – Bring your sunglasses, because it will be beautiful out!

Laina Hamilton, our Lodge Experience Manager, had a wonderful idea that we are bringing to you, Bear Lakers!  Who else has a bucket list?  On Laina’s bucket list is a Hot Air Balloon Ride, and we are going to make it happen!  Meet us at the Golf Course from 4-7PM on Sunday to participate in the tethered hot air balloon rides.  This is a free event and first come first serve, so make sure you get there with plenty of time!  Our home is already beautiful, can you imagine what it will look like from the basket of a hot air balloon?

*Inside information – Don’t forget your camera.  The views will be breathtaking- you’ll want to take a photo to remember them!

We have decided to conclude this year’s Labor Day Festivities with a Member Pot Luck held at the Lake Club Fire Hearth on Monday, September 2nd.  Let’s take a moment to relax together and enjoy one another’s company as we close another beautiful weekend at Bear Lake Reserve.  Bring a side dish with you, and we will do the rest!

*Inside information – Who wants a Bear Lake Reserve cook book?  Make sure your recipe is included by bringing it with you!

And that’s the news, Bear Lakers!  We hope you are all planning to join us for this fun filled weekend.  See you at the Lake!